Friday, July 8, 2011

The Castle Crumbles

You said you wanted a 'real castle' right? Aren't they all pretty much in 'ruins' these days??? :P

So, this week a friend ordered a castle cake for her daughter for a special birthday. she wanted a very pink castle, nothing to specific otherwise- just lots of pink. Okay- we can handle that. So, over the week I began building the castle. Started on Monday and began making turrets and flowers. These things take time of course. We progressed to baking on Wednesday and then decorating on Thursday. Turned out pretty well..
until delivery. I drove to their house (about 45 mins from mine) on a partial dirt road and lots and lots of stops. When I opened the trunk, I have devastated and demoralized. Her husband was standing there waiting for the cake to be revealed so he could carry it in the house. It was in ruins, all of the pieces had fallen all over the tub-- even some of the flowers, leaves and vines had fallen off of the cake. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the castle in ruins, but I was too busy freaking out. I had her husband carry it into the house and I grabbed my repair kit (which unfortunately didn't consist of much for this trip). After about an hour and plenty of encouragement and postive words said by both husband and wife, finally all the pieces were put back together and of course I bumbed into the table and knocked over the columns/turrets again!! We decided to move it to a more stable location, pieced it all back together again. Luckily the recipients were good humored and so sweet about the whole situation!! Here is a picture of the cake after delivery:

A few things to remember for next time: its really hot out- even in the morning-- COOL off the car BEFORE loading, also, consider the architecture for traveling-- those turrets were way too top heavy! Also, Maybe consider a larger cake board, it doesn't HAVE to come all the way to edge!

Hopefully, Maddie will love it and it will be tasty!

Happy birthday, Maddie!!


  1. I think it still looks good. You did a great job!!!

  2. I can't believe you put it back together and it still looks so good! So cute!