Q: Do you have a shop? 

A: At this point, no. I hope to open one sometime in the future.

Q: Are your cakes freshly made? 

A: Yes! I believe in tasty cakes. I do not make my cakes weeks ahead of time and freeze them. I also make all of my icing from scratch.

Q: Does fondant taste bad?

A: My fondant is 100% homemade from marshmallows and I make it fresh for every cake! Which makes it better than pre-made fondant, like most bakers use. However, it is still a personal preference because my daughters LOVE my homemade fondant, but my husband doesn't.

Q: Do you take custom orders? 

A: Of course! I love a challenge. Some of my best cakes have been for my ambitious nephews. Also, I am happy to try and meet dietary restrictions. In some cases, this may be impossible. Please feel free to ask about anything! 

Q: Are your cakes totally edible? 

A: Usually, I strive to make everything edible. Occasionally there will be small details that are not to make the cake more realistic. I will make you aware of what is and isn't edible if your cake happens to fall into this small category. 

Q: How far in advance should I reserve a cake? 

A: You should try to reserve a cake as soon as possible. I prefer 2 weeks. There is only one of me so it can be difficult or sometimes impossible to make several cakes at a time.

Please send any questions to Karen's email.