Sunday, February 20, 2011


here he is in the trunk of our car!
This stegosaurus cake is made of strawberry cake. I used rice krispie treats for the head, tail, legs, and belly. gumpaste for the bony plates, toes, and spikes on the tail. homemade marshmallow fondant covered all of the surfaces.
Since this was for my nephew who was turning 4 this weekend, the colors were made to his specifications. I dont have an airbrush, so I handpainted all of the colors. he wanted the dino to be yellow and brown specifically. We drove this dino 9 hours for delivery of this cake:D
In Dallas on 635 there was a car stopped at a dead stop on the interstate. Luckily my husband was able to stop before hitting him (there was no where to go to another lane) and Steg seemed to handle the quick stop ok. he made the drive pretty well.
Also big thanks to my hubby for helping me think this cake over for weeks or even months also for building the 'stand' for Steg.

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