Saturday, October 9, 2010

Calling all OU fans

I will apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures-- I took them with an iphone- i should invest in a decent camera :D

The BIGGEST fan of all OU fans that i know had to have me make him an OU cake for his mom's 73rd bday... quite a big birthday if you ask me... I wanted it to be special so since she is an OU fan as well I felt that I could bring my self to accept this task. However, as many of you know -- I bleed ORANGE :D... so as difficult as it was, we were able to build a partial football field (thanks to Jason) and then build the Sooner Schooner. Now, I have never seen this Schooner in person---only a picture so we will let you be the judge :D. primarily everything is edible-- there are a few pieces of support, but other than that-- edible! I hope that she has a great 73rd birthday! The flag was designed to stand up at the back of that wagon (apparently, they fly the flag while on the field) but I was afraid of the travel so they were going to place the flag upon arrival. hope you enjoy!

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