Monday, September 27, 2010

View at your own risk.

My husband said that this cake is too disturbing,ugly, weird, and disgusting to post. Ha- is there anything too disgusting to post within weeks of Halloween??? Not in this family!
The drawing was inspired by Staci--yes all the way from Japan. The cake/drawing/inspiration all for a really great friend. She is special. So, I asked Trey if he could make me a rough sketch of the vision Staci had and he did--I will post that picture first. Which of course I thought was a fantastic sketch and Trey said--" oh its in pen and took me like 5 mins'... whatever, it was perfect-- :D
anyway-- here is the cake-- all in its dusgustingness.
it is snow white--coming up out of a rotting apple. Snow is tattered--you can tell by the look in her eyes that 'she isn't right' her clothing is very tattered and far from the 'perfect Disney' character. the cake is the apple covered in first buttercream then fondant. Snow is ALL gumpaste as is the dwarf's head. The 'blood' is almost cooked red velvet cake-- therefore chunks in Snow's mouth kinda look like the dwarf's brain. the apple totally ROTTING!!!! check it out!

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